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Goals: To promote greater public awareness of the value and revelance of cave and karst resources in the Klamath Mountains region. To work cooperatively with land owners and land managers in order to generate increased conservation by coordinating efforts with cave related organizations, federal, state, and local agencies. The KMCTF works with the Klamath National Forest, Shasta-Trinity National Forest, and Rogue River–Siskiyou National Forest as well as the Medford and Redding BLM Districts. Also included is the Oregon Caves National Monument. The KMCTF also works with cave related organizations including: Western Cave Conservancy and Friends of Oregon Caves.

Cave areas include the Marble Mountain Wilderness(called the Marbles by cavers), Red Buttes Wilderness, Trinity Alps Wilderness, Oregon Caves National Monument, and surrounding areas of Oregon Caves.

Location: The Klamath Mountains Geographical area occupies Northern California and Southern Oregon Region.

Suggested caves for first time caver in the Marble Mountains: Skunk Hollow Cave, Trail Junction Cave, Wahashun Cave(vertical)

Members: The KMCTF consists of cavers from western states and people interested in preserving cave and karst resources.

Contacts: email address

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